Burial & Cremation

Let Us Help You Make a Hard Choice

When a loved one has neglected to make their final wishes known, that can leave some difficult choices for you and your family.

One of these choices involves selecting a last resting place.

It can be difficult to make this choice when you’re in the middle of grieving. This is where Chapel by the Sea can assist you. We can explain your options and help you feel good about your ultimate decision.

Aspects to Think About for Cremation vs. Burial

Burial and cremation are different, and there are many options that additionally fall under the umbrella of each. We can explain these in-depth for you. 

For now, here is a quick guide with aspects to consider for both.


Traditional Burial

Burial is the traditional choice. The loved one’s body is preserved and prepared for either an open casket display during a wake, service, or funeral, or prepared to be present in a closed casket. When all is said and done, their casket is removed to their final place of rest – usually a burial site with a marker, though some people choose above-ground entombment in a mausoleum.

Whichever option you choose, there will be a physical place you can visit to remember your loved one and honor their life.